Ongoing Tasks

There are ongoing ways to help out at Kannon Do, such as making and serving tea after meditation, helping to clean the temple on Saturdays at 8:00 AM, or bringing food to share for Saturday breakfast or other events.  Speak to one of the senior members if you want more information on helping in any of these ways.

Unplanned Tasks

As in any organization, spontaneous problems arise that do not fall under any of the STEWARD responsibilities. Anyone with the applicable skill can volunteer to take care of the newly discovered problem. As individuals come to feel at home at Kannon Do, they will develop a “How can I help?” attitude.


Stewardships at Kannon Do are our means of taking care of our facilities, our organization, and our practice. There are many different kinds of jobs, and sharing of jobs is encouraged. Some jobs require frequent attention, and others need only be done a few times a year. New stewardships are created as new needs appear. Prior to each March annual meeting, a list of steward positions is posted on the bulletin board, and members are invited to sign-up for the coming year.

Below are the steward positions for which you can volunteer. Click on the position to get more information about that particular volunteer job.