Photography and Visual Media Editor

    Job Details

  • Ensure that every photo is consistent with our intentions of our ‘look and feel.’ We are aiming for quality, not quantity.
  • Minimize hurt feelings. No one enjoys seeing unflattering photos of themselves on the internet. The photos should have a consistent and organized look.
  • Streamline the process about getting permissions from people to be photographed. Some people do not want to be photographed for the website, for all kinds of reasons. Make sure there is permission to put a person’s photo on the internet.
  • Reach out to other Sangha members to take photos for events that the Editor cannot attend. The Steward can show how to use the camera, and instruct them what the guidelines are for obtaining permission, and how to download the files into Google Drive.
  • Steward will receive guidance selecting the historically important photos.

    How Often?

  • As needed.