A special transmission outside the scriptures;
No dependence on words and letters

–  Bodhidharma

Attributed to the first Zen teacher in China, this statement illustrates the central point of Buddhism –  Truth can be discovered only through individual effort, not by relying on ideas and words of others. Expressed another way, setting aside mental activity and quieting the mind through the practice of zazen enables inherent wisdom to be realized and expressed.

However, the inspiration to begin to explore Zen practice, and to encourage its continuation, necessarily relies on words, written or spoken. The words referenced in this section help to provide the worldview that has grown out of the practice, both ancient and modern.

Transcribed lectures from the weekly talks presented over the years by Kannon Do’s current abbot,  emphasize the relevance of Zen practice to life in today’s challenging world.

Audio lectures are selected audio recordings from the weekly talks at Kannon Do by our current abbot and guest speakers.

Personal  stories, from Kannon Do students and beyond, relate various ways that Zen practice has found its way into our daily lives.

Suggested readings provides reference to several books that are informative and useful for both new and experienced Zen practitioners.

The Abbot’s Letter is published monthly as a way to stay connected with Kannon Do members and friends during the suspension of in-person meetings during the Coronavirus.