Guest Speakers

Major Responsibilities

  • Invites, accompanies and remunerates six or more outside speakers per year from Zen or related fields for Wednesday night lectures.


Job Details

  • Using recommendations from the Abbot and membership, engage speakers via mail or telephone, confirming in writing. Send descriptive material about Kannon Do as appropriate, especially directions. Secure biographical information if needed for introductions.
  • As soon as possible after a date is set, but no more than two months in advance, request of the Treasurer a check for $100 to $200 to be drawn in the speaker’s name. The check can be left in the Abbot’s mail slot.
  • Meet the speaker when he/she arrives at Kannon Do. If appropriate, take the speaker to dinner locally beforehand (reimbursement from Treasurer). Make the speaker feel welcome, indicate where he/she will sit during zazen. If the speaker is a priest, he/she may perform the short service before lecture, at the Abbot’s invitation.
  • Introduce the speaker (if the Abbot requests or is not present to do so) after the microphone has been set up, water served, and the opening chant performed. After lecture and questions, thank the speaker on behalf of the sangha.
  • Take care of the speaker during tea time, including presenting the honorarium and a small gift, if appropriate. See that the speaker is clear on directions home.


How Often?

  • When a guest speaker is scheduled