Major Responsibilities

  • Publishes the Kannon Do Newsletter (once per year).

    Job Details

  • Solicit contributions (and photographs).
  • Edit as necessary.
  • Layout in computer, using software of choice.
  • Scan, enhance and input photos.
  • Have the Abbot review.
  • Calculate number of copies needed, based on latest state of mailing list including appropriate number of extra copies for newcomers, sister sanghas, etc.
  • Arrange for print shop to print, fold and staple the newsletter in time for labeling and mailing.
    Work with Directory and Mailing List Steward to arrange a Saturday morning to fold, label and stamp the newsletter for mailing. (Labels are produced by the Directory and Mailing List Steward.)
  • Make sure extra copies are available in the sangha room for newcomers.

    How Often?

  • Once per year