Building Maintenance

Major Responsibilities

  • Ensures that all Kannon Do facilities are in good repair and functional. He/she should look around mindfully and fix anything that needs it. For major jobs requiring that an outside professional be hired, board approval is needed.

Job Details

  • Building maintenance including minor electrical (e.g., replace light bulbs), plumbing, heating and carpentry.
  • Change the furnace filter.   (Dimensions: 1x20x25”)
  • Change the batteries in the thermostat in the zendo and Sangha house.   (Reset thermostats after changing batteries)
  • Adjust engawa (outside deck) lights timer controller on/off settings.
  • If problems develop with the furnace, the steward can call the manufacturer, Carrier, (408) 294-6290, or local contractor.
  • If major work is required, inform the Sangha and organize a work crew.

How Often?

  • As needed in general, plus:
  • Furnace: twice a year
  • Thermostats: yearly, or as required
  • Engawa lights controller: as required (e.g., daylight savings changeover)