Major Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain an appropriate collection for the Kannon Do library.


Job Details

  • Become knowledgeable about basic Buddhist literature, authors, and history. Read reviews and examine new books in bookstores. Purchase new books and choose among donations. Decide which lost (unreturned books) to replace.
  • Prepare new books (and any other material included) for circulation.
  • Make necessary instructions for borrowers and shelf labels.
  • Replace cards in items that have been returned and re-shelve them.
  • Check card file to see which items have been checked out for long periods of time. Call or e-mail to request returns.
  • Estimate library budget for the year.
  • Submit bills for books, subscriptions, and supplies to the Treasurer and keep a budget record.
  • Remove books that are no longer necessary for the Kannon Do library. These books can be sold at a members’ book sale, along with donations not placed in the library. If periodicals are included in the collection, after they are three years old remove from the collection and display for members to take.
  • Maintain the condition and organization of the material in the library.
  • Maintain an inventory of the books. Periodically check the actual collection with this inventory.


  • A manual with more detailed instructions is included with the librarian supplies.


How Often?

  • A visit every one or two weeks to the library is required for some of the activities. Many of the duties come at irregular times and some can be done at home.