Major Responsibilities

  • Plans and coordinates all garden activities including: watering, pruning, raking, weeding, and planting.
  • Organizes work crew during Saturday morning work period to perform these activities, when feasible.
  • Manages the garden budget to buy necessary supplies.
  • Organizes occasional “garden work days,” as appropriate

Job Details

  • A job typically shared by three or more people.
  • Watering:
    The drip irrigation system waters the front landscaping (everything in front of the zendo except for the row of oleander bushes on the East side of the property). The irrigation control is located in the HVAC room on the wall. If it rains sufficiently during the winter months, the drip system may be turned off. During the summer the system needs checking to make sure plants are watered adequately but not too much. There are instructions next to the control box regarding the setting of times and length of watering.
  • Pruning:
    Trees and bushes, as needed.
    Wisteria vines, as needed, and then a heavy pruning when dormant.
  • Fallen Fruit:
    Cleanup of fallen fruit from the trees is needed on a seasonal basis. Fallen fruit should be placed in the GARBAGE toter for weekly pickup, and not placed in the YARD WASTE toter.
  • Raking:
    The parking lot should be swept at least once a month.
  • Weeding:
    The garden crew should weed as needed to keep paths, backyard and planted areas free of weeds.
  • Planting:
    Replace plants as needed. Check with the Dharma School steward regarding plans for children’s planting activities
  • Sweeping:
    Paths and sidewalks. Good Saturday morning work period activity.
  • Budget:
    The Kannon Do budget allocates funds for the garden. The Treasurer will coordinate this budget with the Garden Steward.

How Often?

  • Weekly (Saturday morning work period), and periodic garden work days