Information Technology

Major Responsibilities & Job Details

Google Apps

  • Manage the user accounts and permissions
  • Grant access to the Google Drive repository or website as needed
  • Add or remove users from the sangha mailing list as needed. Someone else is responsible for adding new members and users can remove themselves, so this should not be needed often.


  • Make sure our domain is kept renewed and maintain the DNS entries in Google apps and the domain registrar
  • Make sure the website is consistent and fix any obvious style issues
  • Enable the “content producers” to make their own updates by granting access, providing training, and answering any questions they have.
  • Use Google Site Tools to make sure we are indexed by Google and optimized for search engines
  • When time permits, evaluate the site for improvements to layout and navigation


  • Maintain our PayPal account for accepting donations
  • Maintain the pages on our website that start/end the donation process
  • Provide (monthly) reports to Diane and the bookkeeper regarding PayPal donations


  • Make sure the files on the PC are backed up. Currently the method is to use Windows backup to a flash drive and make a separate backup of the QuickBooks file. We also have a subscription to BackBlaze (cloud backup service), but it is actually useless due to a bug in their handling of encrypted directories.
  • Make sure the latest Windows patches are applied on a regular basis
  • Run periodic Anti-virus scans (AVG Free edition)
  • Help person responsible for QuickBooks issues as needed

Documentation and Education

  • In an ideal world, write and maintain documents describing all these tasks and put them in the document repository. It is partially complete.
  • Make sure people are aware of potential security issues (e.g., sending passwords through the mail, keeping passwords in online documents, etc.)



How Often?

  • Ongoing