Becoming a Member

There are two kinds of membership at Kannon Do:  Signatory and Voting


Signing the Membership Book on the altar expresses a heartfelt connection to Kannon Do and an affinity with its  practice.  It is customary to have one or more members of Kannon Do witness the signing.


Anyone wishing to support and strengthen the activities of Kannon Do through regular financial contribution may become a Voting Member by signing the Membership Book and contributing $30.00/month dues.   Dues do not have to be donated monthly; they can be a one-time annual contribution if that is more convenient.  Voting members are eligible to vote in the election of Kannon Do board members.   In cases of financial hardship and special circumstance, the Board may waive the monthly dues, or arrange for payment in kind, to enable the individual to be a voting member.

Note that membership is not required to participate in any of the activities at Kannon Do.