Those that practice at Kannon Do care for Kannon Do. Volunteers keep our center running smoothly. Please consider supporting and participating in your Zen practice by volunteering at Kannon Do. It is also one of the best ways to get to better know other sangha members.

There are multiple ways in which to volunteer. There are stewards, practice leaders, officers, and a board of directors. Just a short description is provided here. People often begin to get more involved by signing up for a steward position, so more detail of the steward positions is provided on another page.

Stewards at Kannon Do take care of our facilities, our organization, and our practice. There are many different kinds of jobs, and sharing of jobs is encouraged. Some jobs require frequent attention, and others need only be done a few times a year. New stewardships are created as new needs appear. Prior to each March annual meeting, a list of steward positions is posted on the bulletin board, and members are invited to sign-up for the coming year. For more detail about the various steward positions, click here.

Practice Leaders are appointed by the Abbot and serve for two years. We currently have five practice positions at Kannon Do: Ino, Tenzo, Work Leader, Head Doan/Kokyo and Head Zazen Instructor. The five Practice Leaders plus the Abbot form the Practice Committee.

There are three Officers at Kannon Do: President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are appointed by the Board of Directors and must have been voting members for at least one year immediately preceding the election.

The Board of Directors of Kannon Do consists of seven members. Board members serve a two-year term. Each year, three new Board members alternating with four members are elected at the March annual meeting. To be eligible to run for the Board, an individual must have been a voting member for at least one year immediately preceding the election. One Board member may be selected by the Board to act as Chairperson.