Grasping for Spirituality

Tim Buckley passed away two weeks ago.  I didn’t know Tim well –  our lives and lifestyles moved in different directions.  He was  part of the group of young people attracted to Zen and to Suzuki-roshi in San Francisco in the early 1960’s.

I did know […]

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Zen Buddhism: A History

Zen Buddhism: A History Book Cover Zen Buddhism: A History
Heinrich Dumoulin

Written by a Jesuit theologian who became a leading Zen scholar after studying Zen during the 1930s in Japan, this book has become a classic of Zen history. Dumoulin carefully considers Zen history, introduces many of Zens greatest thinkers and even examines topics such as Zen in art […]

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What The Buddha Taught

What the Buddha Taught Book Cover What the Buddha Taught
Walpola Rahula

“An exposition of Buddhism conceived in a resolutely modern spirit.”–from the Foreword. “For years,” says the Journal of the Buddhist Society, “the newcomer to Buddhism has lacked a simple and reliable introduction to the complexities of the subject. Dr. Rahula’s What the Buddha Taught fills the […]

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The Way Of Zen

The Way of Zen Book Cover The Way of Zen
Alan Watts

In his definitive introduction to Zen Buddhism, Alan Watts explains the principles and practices of this ancient religion to Western readers. With a rare combination of freshness and lucidity, he delves into the origins and history of Zen to explain what it means for the world today with […]

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The Dhammapada

The Dhammapada Book Cover The Dhammapada
Valerie Roebuck: Translator

The Dhammapada is a third century collection of the spoken Buddha’s words in verse form. Composed in the ancient Pali language during the third century, it is the most widely read and studied Buddhist scripture in existence today. An exceptional review of this book appeared in the […]

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Cultivating The Mind Of Love

Cultivating the Mind of Love Book Cover Cultivating the Mind of Love
Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh begins with a moving story from his past. When he was a young monk, he fell deeply in love with a young nun. How he translates his passion for a woman into a passion for the world is a breathtaking process…”Where is the self […]

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Buddha Book Cover Buddha
Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong is one of the most interesting and clear religious writers in our century. In Buddha, Armstrong presents a crisp historical portrait of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, while discussing Buddhist concepts in a very learned yet detached manner. She “deftly” compares the Buddha’s teaching to many […]

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