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Holiday Schedule and Holiday Party 2016

October 29, 2016
Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, there will not be a lecture on Wednesday, November 24; and due to the Christmas holidays, there will no be lectures on Wednesday, December 21 and 28. Also, please join us for our annual Holiday Party on Sunday, December 18, between 5:00 [...]
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Holiday Season Pajama Drive from October 19th to November 16th

October 26, 2016
Kannon Do Zen Center together with Community Service Agency of Mountain View/Los Altos is participating in the Holiday Season Pajama Drive for children (ages 8-12 years). If you would like to contribute please bring in New Pajamas to Kannon Do between October 19th to November 16th [...]
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Talk by Jenée Desmond-Harris on Race, Inequality, and Profiling on August 20th, 2016

September 1, 2016
Jenée Desmond-Harris, a journalist who covers race, politics and social justice came to Kannon Do on Saturday August 20th to help us understand the race-inequality-profiling situation at a deeper level than what is available through the media. We asked Jenée for ideas about [...]
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Noble Eightfold Path Discussion begins on August 10th.

August 4, 2016
We begin our discussion of the Noble Eightfold Path after zazen on Wednesday, August 10th and it will be led by Carolina.  The discussion will continue on the second Wednesday of each month with the last one held in March [...]
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Guest Speaker Phuong Ertley will give a Dharma talk on July 20th, 2016.

June 16, 2016
Phuong will given a Dharma talk titled "The Meaning of Forms in Zen Practice"  after zazen [...]
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